The Lorimer Workshop: Custom Farm Tables

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  • $ 875.00

    Custom desk from old boards

    This is an example of our tables made to be a desk with the great styling of our Farm Tables. The size of this desk is 52” x 20”.
  • $ 1,275.00

    Two shelf sideboard

    This wonderful two level side board is made from our salvaged boards. It measures 8’ long by 22” wide
  • $ 1,150.00

    A satisfied customer.....

     Just a great picture of a Lorimer Workshop table being used as it should be used.  No need for mats, cloths or other protective items.  After a mushy meal,  a damp cloth wipes the surface down,
  • $ 675.00

    Antique Painted Cupboard

    This is a very nice old wainscoted cupboard with multiple shelves inside. The outside dimensions are 37" wide by 73" tall and 123/4" deep. The shaped molding on top of the cupboard measures 411/2" wide. The simplicity of this cupboard is almost in the Shaker tradition
  • $ 775.00

    Bathroom vanity

    A custom built vanity with lower shelf with customers own contemporary sink. We do not supply the sink or the faucets.  Just too many options
  • $ 1,650.00

    Beachhouse Farm

    This is an example of a table designed by a client with 2" thick,  wide old pine boards for the family beach house. The boards run the length of the table by 66" and then at both ends of the table 2 boards each side of 18" . The creativity...
  • $ 0.00

  • $ 1,200.00

    Desk designed with steel and wood

     By combining the warmth of our old 2" thick wide boards and 3" x 1" steel legs,  we have created a contemporary form while retaining the incredible feel of our heavy top boards.  All our desks and tables are custom made so we can build to your ideal specifications
  • $ 825.00

    Desk with drawers

    This is a hand built two draw desk that measures 52" wide by 28" deep.  All our desks are custom-made, so email or call to discuss the ideal size for your space.
  • $ 1,375.00

    Farm table square dimensions

    This is a custom made 55” x 55” square farm Table.  All our tables are custom made,  so email or call to discuss the ideal size for your space,    thanks  David
  • $ 975.00

    Hand built custom design desk

    This is a nice example of our custom hand built desk. We size and build file drawer, computer draws to match your needs.
  • $ 1,650.00

    Industrial iron machine leg table

     This is another example of our custom built old Industrial machine legs incorporated to create a most unusual dining table.  All our tables are custom made,  so contact us to discuss the ideal style style and size for your space.