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  • $ 1,250.00

    Old boards washed White farm table

     This table is a great example of a farm table built with old boards and finished in a washed white.  The white finish is also sealed giving the excellent protection for one of our "everything" tables.  Food and project remains just wash off with a damp cloth. All our tables...
  • $ 1,375.00

    Large farm table with splayed legs

     this is a very nice example of a large farm table, complete with breadboard ends and turned legs crafted with a very slight slayed out pad foot All our tables are custom made so please call to discuss the ideal dimensions for your space
  • $ 1,500.00

    One of a kind Antique Oak Square Table

     I created this 60" x 60" old square oak table from antique parts.  The ball and claw feet have amazing depth of carving.  The table top came from salvaged oak planks that were 19th century old oak flooring.   This is really a unique table.  Please email your zip code so...
  • $ 1,675.00

    Industrial RI iron machine leg table

    Another great example of our old machine leg tables.  All our tables are custom made, please call for details
  • $ 1,150.00

    A satisfied customer.....

     Just a great picture of a Lorimer Workshop table being used as it should be used.  No need for mats, cloths or other protective items.  After a mushy meal,  a damp cloth wipes the surface down,
  • $ 1,250.00

    classic farm table with square legs

     Client was nice enough to send me the photo of her recently purchased Lorimer Workshop farm table
  • $ 1,675.00

    Live edge table on steel legs

    This is a great example of a nice soft organic live edge table top on 3"x1" steel legs shaped to give the effect of floating top narrowing down to a contemporary sleek designed leg. All our tables are custom made so contact us discuss your ideal size
  • $ 1,650.00

    Cindy Table steel legs, live edge

     Great example of a live edge table on 3" x 1" enclosed steel legs.  All my tables are custom made.  The pictures are to give a sense of style and price.  Please contact us to discuss the ideal size for your space
  • $ 1,475.00

    Industrial RI iron machine leg table

     This is a great example of a small table using old planks for the table top and cast iron machine legs.  The effect is a rather contemporary feel, while retaining a wonderful aged, organic table top. All our tables are custom made, so call or email to discuss the ideal...
  • $ 1,475.00

    Beach House tapered leg table

     This is another great example of a beach house table built from random width "found" thick old Pine boards.  The whole table has a light, airy feel, yet retains a rather sophisticated and subtle stain shades on each lateral plank.  A very unique table.  
  • $ 1,575.00

    The Mason Turnbuckle Table

     This is a great design for small spaces.  The legs are centered to the table with generous overhangs that allow  very ample room for seating all around.  This particular example was made for a client and is 56" x 44".   The double iron turnbuckles assure great stability.
  • $ 1,650.00

    Industrial iron RI machine leg table

     This is another great example of these old machine legs adapted to make a unique table.  All our tables are custom made,  so please contact us to discuss your ideal size and style