Hi, thank you so much for looking at my site. Here at the Lorimer Workshop we design and build tables. For us and our customers, a natural solid wood farm table truly represent warmth and relaxation in a home. The table becomes the center focus for family gatherings, it helps build traditions of comfortable meal-times, great conversations with family and friends and a place for writing, homework and other projects. All activities around the farm table truly enhances the collective spirit of a household.

In crafting a table, we use traditional hand-made methods for working wood. Whenever possible, we use old salvaged boards. On occasions that we have no suitable antique planks, we will only use lumber that has been cut and dried outside for at least five seasons. We use no kiln dried or fast dried lumber. All these efforts are to assure that the wood that is used to craft our tables is very stable. Old and well seasoned planks enhances grain and character that is always a strong feature of all our tables.

Please email or call us to chat about your needs and let us get started on a table for you.

David Ellison
The Lorimer Workshop, LLC

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