Interior designer Lauren Leiss of the Pure Style Home blog recently posted about using one of our reclaimed wood coffee tables in a living room re-design project. You can see images of the design process here.

LW Tables on sale at Barnyard Relics

Our friends at Barnyard Relics in Ridgewood, NJ are now carry a selection of LW tables. If you are in the area and want to see our work for yourself, pay them a visit.

"We visited with David in Rhode Island and came away totally impressed of the passion he has for creating his works of art. His tables are crafted primarily with industrial salvage and we particularly enjoy his designs with iron and steel incorporated. 

His work is all custom, his pricing fair...and the quality of his workmanship is high."


The Lorimer Workshop Brochure  

Jody Adam's Trade and its Rhode Island connections

When Jody Adams opens her much anticipated restaurant Trade on Atlantic Wharf next month, the tables will be from a Rhode Island artisan.  David Ellison's Lorimer Workshop in Pawtucket made the farm tables that will fill the restaurant on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Congress Street on the Boston Waterfront.

Room for Young Ones-Great Desks
“David makes each unique piece of furniture by hand out of salvaged wood. That means each piece is unique and made to fit your specifications. There are lots of examples on the website, but there’s something about this desk that makes me want to climb up on it and start drawing. "

Room for Young Ones: Jungle Inspired Design

Dining Dilemma
“the real blogging breakthrough goes to my dearest friend, virginia, who emailed a couple of days ago with a design dilemma surrounding her amazing new purchase: a dining room table made from 100-year old reclaimed lumber from The Lorimer Workshop. from what I can tell, each mouse click on this website will produce a drool-worthy photo of wooden masterpieces. did she find a gem or what?”

Eco-mama pics: Farm tables
“I have a major obsession with farmtables. They are an ultimate key piece in my opinion. I am looking forward to adding one into my new home. Up-cycled barn wood, handmade…what more is there not to love?!! Eco mama goes gaga! I have made a very special request to one of my dear friend’s boyfriends who just recently made one for his soho loft…I saw it and swooned. I think of all the art projects my lil sisi and I can do together, I can sew, spread out photos, so versatile! and of course, not to mention all the dinner parties I hope to host…”

Apartment Therapy: Jason’s Book Filled Loft
“Furniture: Antique, New, Used & Reused. Our dining table was custom table by Lorimer Workshop using workbench tabletops salvaged during renovation demolition.”

Apartment Therapy: Salvaged Wood Farm Tables by The Lorimer Workshop
“The huge tables are perfect for the many unique converted loft spaces here in Rhode Island, but a slightly smaller version would fit perfectly in a more traditionally-sized New England home. They are made from salvaged wood — which we love — and since every table is custom built, the finished product is truly unique.”

Apartment Therapy: Story of a Finished Table
“We have just been so pleased and delighted with the process of having these pieces built; we feel like it’s our first real “grownup” furniture, and it’s been a pleasure to have them built by David. It’s also been fascinating to watch the process, through photos, of bare wood’s transformation into articles of furniture that we will use for the rest of our lives."

Heart Handmade
“There was something romantic about a handcrafted table made out of salvaged wood from an old New England railway yard built in 1913. David was genuinely a treat to work with, he walks you through the entire process, sends you photos every step of the way and hand delivers the table all the way from Rhode Island! His work is amazing and you can tell how much he enjoys what he does. Thanks again, David, we love it!”

Letters from a Small State
“The tables were so beautiful and the prices so reasonable (and he could custom make our wall unit top as well), that we couldn’t pass up the chance…If you think a custom-made table is expensive, you have to think again. It might have cost a bit more than a table from Target, but we also got so much more in return…the table is the place where a family gathers, kids do homework, friends get together and laugh, eat and tells stories. For us, it was the single most important piece of furniture we were going to acquire together. We were really glad we found David and we able to visit his workshop and be part of its creation.”

My Little Precious Life
“After searching locally for several months, [we] found a delightful fellow named David on Etsy. His work was amazing…Mr. David reports that this beautiful handcrafted delight will arrive in it’s very own CRATE…the couple is already picturing what their three children will do with THAT after the table is unloaded! ;)”

Etsy’s Storque: How-To Rough It Up with Maxwell from Apartment Therapy
“Lately, I have had a fascination with modern rustic interiors. They are simple, clean and warm, but they are filled with raw textures, organic materials and a mix of old and new. This lovely dining room pictured above is from Living Etc. Amidst all the doubt with the economy, I find these interiors comforting, reassuring and surprisingly accessible, as they rely heavily on pairing down and finding a few nice things that are either handmade, antique or both that you can mix into your home.”

Design Sponge: Heart Lab-Dissecting the Art of Handmade
“Here’s a snapshot of our 8½ foot long and 3½’ wide English Tavern style dining room table handcrafted by David Ellison of Lorimer Workshop. I don’t really remember how I found David, all I remember is that it was one of the most painless and enjoyable things I went through during our hectic move to the burbs!!
I got in touch with David last week to ask him to be a part of my week here. He kindly agreed to answer a few of my questions and also give us a first-hand look at his process. Enjoy.”

Design Sponge
“Lisel’s Apartment: I recently moved to the historical neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. It’s full of beautiful architectural details, cute shops and charming cobblestone streets. Lisel’s Dining Table: I love farm tables and always dreamed of owning one, so when I first saw David Ellison’s work at the Lorimer Workshop there was no hesitation in contacting him. It was a two month wait but I have to say it was well worth the wait! This trestle table is my favorite piece of furniture.”

Fit for a Feast: Life After Architecture
“Reclaimed woods come at a price, and often tables, chairs and the like fashioned out of old barns, houses, floors, and warehouses are often far out of two struggling architects’ budgets. Imagine my surprise the day that I discovered The Lorimer Workshop via design*sponge and their spotlight on the the jewels of new york [who require a whole other post, but I’ll get to that … one day.]. David Ellison handcrafts these pieces in his studio in Rhode Island, and, of course, many have taken notice of his wares. Running the design gamut, his different styles are all, no doubt, stunning. What I was struck with, however, is the very simple fact– these, my friends, are fit for a lifetime of feasts with friends and family.”