The Lorimer Workshop: Custom Farm Tables

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Here are some of the many steps we use to create our unique, custom farm tables. Whenever possible, we start building our table tops with old planks and boards salvaged from barns and buildings that are in the process of being demolished. Our many styles of legs and aprons are cut, drilled and turned by our craftsmen.

The first stage is to plane the boards flat, leaving as much of the original grain, saw cuts and textures as possible. We then glue and joint the boards together, hand planing these joints to create a seamless bond. After matching the style legs and aprons to the table top, we begin the long process of “finishing.”

This “finishing” process starts with palm sanding and the layering of multiple stains and varnishes. After each application of “finish,” we sand and smooth the boards, thus building wonderful deep colors and shines. The final layer is a moisture and heat-proof application of a special mixture of marine spa varnishes that builds a rock hard finish. The last process is hand-waxing and buffing the table.

Chat with us to discuss sizes and styles by calling (401)529-3565. If you’re planning a trip to Rhode Island, please visit us in our workshop in Pawtucket.


David Ellison
Lorimer Antiques

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